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Numeric Citizen
Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more.

Friday Notes #11 — Digital gardens are cool. It’s only recently that I discovered the concept of a digital garden. I was following a Slack discussion about Craft workflows. Someone was mentioning that she was using Craft in part to maintain a digital garden. Craft, a newcomer in the space of note-taking applications, seems the perfect tool for such a project. It is super easy to publish a page just by sharing a secret link.

Digital gardens are online places to keep pieces of information in a semi-structured fashion. They fit between well-structured timeline-based blogs and unstructured numeric artifacts. Like natural gardens, their digital counterparts are unique from one person to the other and keep growing over time with new knowledge tidbits linked together to form some kind of web.

I find the concept of digital gardens to be super cool. I just got an idea.

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One of my most successful photo used in GuruShots challenges

If you are a photographer, you probably already know about this online game called “GuruShots”. If you don’t know about it, that’s ok too. I’ll summarize what it’s all about for you. GuruShots is an online game where players enter photo challenges by submitting their photos. To win a challenge, players have to get the most votes. Simple, right? It is. Sounds great, right? On the surface, yes, but the closer you look at it, the uglier it gets.

GuruShots is very popular among a particular crowd of photographers looking for some kind of fame. I’ve been playing this game…

Friday Notes #10 — The weekly writing pressure. It was Wednesday night, and I was thinking of the fast-approaching Friday. The pressure to write suddenly took over me. Fridays are Friday notes publishing day. My head was empty. I was marching towards the end of the week with no idea of what I would write about. The white page syndrome feeling took over. It’s not a pleasant one. I guess every writer or blogger face this state of mind, one day or another.

The lack of inspiration comes from a professional life taking too much space in my head recently…

Friday Notes #9 — Writing is about taking unexpected turns. This week’s Friday notes should have been about explaining my “nom de plume”: Numeric Citizen. After spending some time thinking…

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Congratulations from Unsplash

If you’ve been following me for some time, you know how much I’m fond on Unsplash. I’ve been a contributing member since the early days of Unsplash. Over the years, Unsplash expanded its platform in many directions (not all of which I’m happy with, by the way). I had the chance to be featured a few times and when this happens, I call this “being unsplashed”, stats are booming. Today, I wanted to show you a glimpse of what it looks like to be “unsplashed”!

I’m an IT guy who happens to value privacy protection. I always liked statistics in my job. When managing or auditing a datacenter, for example, I depend on performance statistics and efficiency statistics for many tasks. At home, I use iStats Menu on my Mac and I love seeing what is going once inside. It is the same for my numeric life with my blogging workflow. I like to see what is going on.

I’ve been using Google Analytics since 2010 when I started with Google’s Blogger (you can see a sample in the web archive). At that time, I…

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Image from Visuals on Unsplash

Over the years, the list of people that I follow on Twitter grew out of control. As a matter of fact, at the beginning of 2021, I was following more than 2300 Twitter accounts. My timeline became so noisy, its usefulness slowly decreased. From news outlets, Apple pundits, photographers, designers to tech people, my timeline was a messy melting pot. As a consequence, my Twitter experience suffered and became a non-productive and time-consuming one.

“Twitter and Facebook still feel too much like shouting into the void and waiting for the replies. Many of which never arrive because we all have…

Friday Notes #7 — Writing saved my morale during this COVID-19 pandemic.

And it continues to do so.

In the last 300 days, my creative energy to over me. Without it, I couldn’t have written and published as much as I did. This creative energy kept me from being too focused on the ongoing crisis that we’ve been enduring. A bit obsessed with COVID-19 progression data and news initially, it didn’t last. But eventually, I had to refocus myself on something more positive. Naturally and gradually, my creative energy took over. It gave birth to a newsletter on Substack, the…

“You’re on mute”. We’re not done with this pandemic yet. So, you are probably still working from home, just like me, my wife, my neighbours. After nine months of virtual…

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