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Mac Pro internal view

In my previous article, “The SDDCbox Project — Part #2 — Testing the Waters“, I exposed my testing strategy which involved testing a few virtual machines on my iMac to get a sense of the type of hardware I will need for my SDDCbox project. The more CPU cores, the more RAM and disk space I’ll be able to afford, the better the chances to get a future proof Mac Pro configuration. Let’s see what Apple has to offer.

Selecting the best Mac Pro configuration

The base Mac Pro configuration comes with 32 GB of RAM (4 × 8 GB R-DIMM) that is running at 2666 MHz and a Xeon W with an 8-core CPU. I would prefer more cores. The next step is to upgrade to an 3.3 GHz version which has 12 cores. With this configuration, as per Apple documentation, the memory clock speed increases to 2933 MHz. …

Apple's Mac Pro

In my previous post “The SDDCbox Project — Part #1 — Introduction”, I introduced the idea behind running a data center in a box, now, it is time to go a bit further and dig a bit deeper. …

A physical data center

I work as an IT solution architect. My expertise revolves around data center technologies. I’m cumulating more than 25 years of experience in that field. Recently, I started to think about building a fully virtualized data center, in a box. As an avid Apple user, I’m looking to build it on a 2019 Mac Pro. This article is the first in a series describing my journey in acquiring and building this SDDC.

What is an “SDDC”, again?

An SDDC is a software defined data center. …

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