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Sharing my thoughts and passions about #apple #photography #privacy and #climatechange.
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Back in late August, I started a new journey: a free monthly newsletter. To support my work and enable this project, I elected to choose Substack, a well known, but young platform for writing exactly that type of content. I already knew about services like MailChimp (read my experience on using Mailbrew instead of Mailchimp) or Ghost (read my experiment with Ghost) but neither were satisfactory to me. At the time I experimented with the services, I didn’t have an interest in building a monthly newsletter anyway. Now I do.

The welcome page for my monthly newsletter

Newsletters are gaining in popularity for many reasons. Today, I want to share my experience working with Substack after nearly four months of use and three issues of the Numeric Citizen Introspection newsletter. For the occasion, this article will be made available on my Substack page and sent to my subscribers as well as on my Medium page. Wait, a review of Substack, published on Medium? I hope they won’t notice. …

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