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Numeric Citizen
Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more.

Let’s try something different

Instead of posting my thoughts on my main blog as I usually do after an Apple event, I’m using Revue this time around. So, this newsletter issue is dedicated to Apple’s California Streaming special event. It’s a collection of highlights from around the web (mostly Twitter) and personal observations gathered in Craft during the keynote. I didn’t write my usual “what I expect from Apple’s next keynote”. Why? I think these types of posts are becoming useless in this ocean of “opinions sharing” movement. …


Starting with FaceTime is surprising to me.

This is an exercise

This is another experiment of mine. I’m testing Revue by Twitter, a new newsletter building tool. Think of this newsletter as a review of Revue. Sort of.

The 2021 Apple TV 4K comes with a redesigned remote — at long last
  • Edges aren’t as sharp as they look in photos, but they could have been made “softer”.

Optimizing website experience to stay on top of Google’s updated ranking algorithm coming in May 2021.

My blog visitors traffic from 2019 to 2021

Portion of my Applications folder

Numeric Citizen

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