A cheaper iPad won’t make it. A cheaper MacBook Air won’t make it. Apple has to remove friction out of the experience for the school who stick to using their products and… services. First, iCloud storage tier pricing has to be free for schools and students. The five gigs limit of iCloud is the equivalent of the 16 gigs entry level iPhone. They moved beyond and now we can buy a base configuration with 32 gigs. Thanks god. Next, they have to show us that the combination of Classroom.app, the new Classwork.app (a.k.a. iTunes U), identify management are better together for school than anything else. Finally, a refreshed iBooks Author and a push for publishers to create real native and interactive educational materials for schools are mandatory. This push could take the form of a fund made available to publishers just like the 100 millions fund for app developers a few years back. All this would leave a meaningful mark on school boards radars. Looking forward to see if Apple is aware of their problems.

Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more. https://linktr.ee/numericcitizen

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