Are you ready for Apple Music?

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time: a comprehensive and integrated music streaming service from Apple available from all my Apple devices, everywhere, all the time. I’ve made myself ready. Here is how.

Step 1: Sell the idea of Apple Music to the rest of the family. This was an easy one. I made them realize that they won’t have to use YouTube anymore (and watch ads) while watching music videos. They smiled. Made them realize they won’t need to “find stuff on the net” anymore in order to play the latest hit or fix album arts (you know what I mean here). They smiled. I made the comparison with an “all you can eat buffet” to explain content consumption limits. They smiled even more. I made sure they know they will be able to download their music in order to play it while being offline. They surely smiled again.

Step 2: Setup iCloud Family. At 14.99$ per month, this one is a no brainer for a family of six like ours. Three adults, one is fifteen, one is fourteen and the baby boy is eleven. All of them have been invited to join. They gladly accepted the invitation. I made sure birth dates on their Apple ID account was in order. They where bogus for too long. They are older now, they don’t need to fake their age anymore.

Step 3: Ask family members to use iTunes Cards for personal purchases. Members of an iCloud Family can put a lot of stress to the family organizer’s credit card. To prevent that, I asked everybody from now on to use iTunes Card in order to put money in their iTunes account. This way, when they buy stuff, my credit card won’t be charged until their credits are depleted. You can thank me for this very useful tip. :-)

I’ve stopped using Spotify.

Step 4: Remove unneeded applications: Spotify and Ecoute. These were great but become redundant. Ecoute was a great looking player on iPhone. It was way better than Apple’s that came out with iOS 7. But now, iOS 8.4 is a big improvement and the only solution to use Apple Music.

Step 5: Clean up my playlists. Apple Music will allow to create playlists from streamed and music you already own. I wanted to delete playlists that I never use. Better have this clean before the service launch.

Step 6: As a currently paying user of iTunes Match, I wanted to know if it was still needed once I become a paying member of Apple Music. This FAQ from helped me answer this question. In short, yes it is a complement to Apple Music.

Step 7: Finally, as of this writing, Apple Music availability date is still unknown for us Canadians. I asked Mr. Cue to make all the required deals before this coming Tuesday. It could help, you never know.

Now I’m ready for Apple Music. Are you?

Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more.

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