I Love It!

Photo by Diego Jimenez on Unsplash

There is a new Medium. A refreshed and modernized home for bloggers like me.

I’m not sure if I will publish this article on my Medium page. Why would I? After all, I’m just testing the latest iteration of this well-known, sometimes controversial, publishing platform called: Medium. Sure, I like this very evocative name, but I also like what comes with it. For a part time writer like me, Medium does a great job of supporting my workflow and my aspirations. It wasn’t always easy, but I think Medium is going in the right direction, for me at least. I’m patient, but I’m anxious to see how all these changes will translate for me.

Speaking of changes. Medium updated their publication design tool recently, which I experimented with for some time. I like what I’m seeing. So, I updated my own publications: Numeric Citizen Tidbits. Sadly, it is a work in progress. It is a publication still in search of a “raison d’être”. Again, I’m not in a hurry to fill the void.

Medium also made changes to their platform to allow for greater customization of writers’ profile page. Again, judging from my brief experience with it, I like what I’m seeing and I made some important changes to my own profil page. Have a look.

Finally, the Medium mobile app turned to version 4.0 just today. I prefer this new design. I’m still experimenting with it, though. So far so good. I know it isn’t a unanimous point of view. Maybe I’ll change my mind. We’ll see.

Medium wants to be closer to bloggers like me. As a big fan of WordPress and lately of Micro.blog, I’m still wondering if there is enough space for a third platform in my blogger workflow. Up until now, Medium was a way for me to reach out more people by cross-publishing longer pieces. For shorter ones, it’s Micro.blog. Again, I’m constantly re-evaluating my tools, my workflow. I’m flexible. I’m open to change. I’m not in a rush to make any decision right now as things are just starting to settle a bit for me, as a blogger, in a unsettling year, 2020.

Finally, after reading this again and again, I think it can be valuable for the rest of the world, why not publish it! Done.



Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more. https://linktr.ee/numericcitizen

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