iPhone 7 – A Few Mysteries Left

In a few hours, Apple will unveil the new iteration of its flagship product, the iPhone. As of today, we happen to know a lot of details about its appearance and many of its features. But still, there are a few more things that we don’t know because we don’t have direct access to a working device. Here is a look on what we are missing.

We don’t know the real motivation for the removal of the audio jack. We are all eagerly waiting for Apple to sell us the idea of an iPhone lacking an audio jack. Is it to make more room for the battery or just make the device thinner? Will audio quality be improved with the use of a custom Bluetooth ship? What about the use of the lightning port for Earbods, will it provide better sound quality? Is battery life better when the iPhone doesn’t have to convert digital to analog signal when listening to music?

Next up, battery life. We know the next iPhone will sport a higher capacity battery but we don’t know how much more this will affect the iPhone autonomy. Coupled with a more powerful but supposedly more efficient A10 CPU, the end result on battery life is still unknown. At each iteration, Apple was able to provide more powerful features while keeping device. autonomy about the same.

Dual cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus looks interesting but how will Apple take advantage of them is a mystery. What kind of picture improvements should we expect? Will it change the user experience of taking pictures? Will the new iPhone allow the user to shoot in RAW format?

The home button is supposedly being replaced with a non mechanical one in order to achieve better water resistance. Under iOS 10, users must press the home button to open their device, will Apple be able to emulate the small physical clicks with haptic feedback? Will it be different than the one generated while using 3D Touch?

Two new color finishes are also shown in the latest leaks. But in person, Apple devices are always looking much better than on pictures. Will this be the case with the “piano black”? Will antennas stripes be of the same dark colour to form a better looking device?

Finally, there the software plus hardware integration that could provide a few surprises. Most of the leaks are based on non working devices or physical parts. Apple is well known for providing great integration between hardware and software… There could be some piece of hardware in the iPhone 7 that could come to life with a specific feature of iOS 10.

We’ll know for sure this Wednesday.

[Update #1: very interesting article from Jason Snell that gives another angle to look at the upcoming Apple Event tomorrow. https://sixcolors.com/post/2016/09/what-to-look-for-at-wednesdays-apple-event/]

[Update #2: a similar take by Recode http://www.recode.net/2016/9/6/12816056/iphone-7-apple-watch-2-event-preview]

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