“Let us loop you in” — My Observations

Here are my observations on today’s Apple’s annoucements. In a few words: no game changer, but solid product advances.

  1. The first video, about Apple turning 40 this coming April 1 was quite nice… Noticed the Newton name being crossed over… I was on the impression that Tim Cook would put more emphasis on Apple’s birthday. That was not the case.
  2. Tim Cook’s comments about Apple’s value on privacy we’re expected. I was looking for a standing ovation which never came.
  3. Th next two main segments we’re on environment and health care initiaves. The placement at the beginning of the keynote was surprising. they spend nearly 15 minutes on them. It is becoming a way for Apple to convey and repeat their core values. Values are becoming products. They are the ecosystem added values. We can see the future where Apple will add physical devices to the mix.
  4. The video on their robot named “Liam” is just astonishing. One can see that behind the scene things are more and more presented to the world just like real products. So product design in not only how it looks or how it works but also how it is made. I love this.
  5. Apple Watch new bands are great on video and it seems to be the case in real person too. I’m already looking to buy the black Milanese and / or the black Woven Nylon. We’ll see. Curious how fast they add bands for the device compared to new features on watchOS. Just sayin.
  6. Price drop on the entry level watch was a surprise. Still no sales figures. Steve Jobs once said, if you are proud of the sales a product is experiencing, why not tell the world. They didn’t today. Not sure it is only for competitive reasons.
  7. The iPhone SE is quite impressive for the price they ask for. I was expecting a more different design though. Entry level model at 16 GB is fine by me, as a corporate user. Still no 32 GB configuration though, which is kind of a shame. iPhone SE name makes a lot of sense in regard to the physical look of the device. They are not smaller iPhone 6s. They have their own identity so they deserve their own naming scheme I guess.
  8. The 9.7" iPad Pro is THE iPad I was waiting for. This is the real magical tablet that Apple is finally delivering. The audio subsystem upgrade, the better screen will really help up the game but it is nothing compared to the fact that the Apple Pencil is now an option for this smaller device. LTE models are also using a better looking antenna design too.
  9. Software updates are nice but Apple didn’t talk much about them.
  10. No Jony Ive videos. No new Remote.app yet. No iTunes refresh either. No updated Macs. No Apple Watch 2. Still, this was a solid event for this small venue.

Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more. https://linktr.ee/numericcitizen

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