My experience with the 9.7" iPad Pro

So far this is just enjoyment. My previous iPad was the Air 2 but still the upgrade is worthwhile to me. The whole is much more than the sum of its parts. The true tone screen makes the thing warmer to the eye, more approachable. Colours are more vivid too. The four speakers system provides a better experience while consuming content. Having the sound all around the screen makes a big different. Compared to the Air 2, the speed is noticeably faster, apps like iMovie, Keynote, Pages open instantly wish brings less friction while using the device. iOS 9.3 is a joy to use on this thing. Can’t wait for iOS 10 this summer.

The Apple Pencil is a joy to hold just the pleasure of holding a great object. Besides the default, I’m still searching for the perfect drawing app for the pencil. I’m happy to be able to use it to navigate the UI instead of switching to fingers for things like taping a button.

I intend to use this iPad Pro for a long long time. My aging 2007 iMac is being used less and less. This why I went for the 256 GB version. Shooting 4K videos take a lot of space and my 128 GB Air 2 had only 32 GB left of storage. Speaking of memory, I was disappointed when we all learned that the smaller iPad Pro had “only” 2 GB of system memory. I was expecting four. That being said, the memory subsystem is faster on this device than on previous generation iPad Air. So relaunching apps after being evicted from the main memory is not too painful to experience. This is a compromise that I can live with.

All in all, this is the best iPad ever. Period.

Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more.

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