My Thoughts on Sept 7th Apple Keynote.

Tim Cook in carpool karaoke. That was cool. iWork: collaborative work support is a useful and welcomed addition. We dont’ know when it will ship though. Should be sooner than later. Apple Watch: the tone of the message has shifted. It is more about health. The Apple Watch Series 2 is looking great performance wise and is waterproof which is mandatory IMHO. The ceramic version looks more of a high end plastic. In real ikfe could be better. The Apple Series 1 is introduced with a faster processor, everything else stays the same compared to current Apple Watch. Naming convention more in line with watch materials. Now I understand that Apple Series “0” was a full scale test run. Oh well. iPhone. Gone are 16GB storage tier. Welcome to 2016. A10 processor is such a beast and it keep adding real differentiation value to the Apple ecosystem. The new jet black finish is gorgeous. Anxious to try the new home button. Coming from an iPhone 6, this will be a great upgrade. Random. iOS 10 look and feel is bolder in News, Apple Music. Less transparency. web site uses bolder typography too. The new AirPods pairing pop up on the iPhone looks very neat and pleasant. Next year will bring iPhone 7S. The 10th anniversary iPhone. I expect the main new selling point to be the exterior redesign. The post event “Don’t Blink” short clip posted by Apple is a pure joy to watch. That was unexpected. Storage tiers and price adjustments on all iPads were unexpected but they are welcomed. It was a great moment.

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