On having WatchKit while we wait for WatchSDK…

I think we live in a world of compromise. This is what Apple dit here: they wanted to let developers come up their own Glances and WatchKit apps while they put the final touches to watchOS 2.0 and its SDK. I don’t think this is a lack of focus at all.

This is a brand new platform and form factor and I think Apple did a great job at introducing this device to the world. They cannot do all the things on day one. So now that the know there is an SDK coming, we find ourselves asking: why they did the WatchKit anyway? This is really easy to do but Apple wanted to manage expections somehow. I really do think this approach was the best one over excluding developers from the platform on day one.

WatchKit apps will prove to be a single beep in the upcoming long life that we can expect from the Apple Watch as a platform. Like they say, we are only at the beginning.

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