On iPhone 7 (Mostly) Solved Mysteries

So, there we have it. Following my previously published article on iPhone 7 mysteries, yesterday Apple solved most of them for us. Here is a run down.

For Apple, removing the audio jack was because they needed space within the device for other stuff. They think the future is now and it is wireless. They believe they can improve the user experience of pairing and using wireless earbuds. They seems to succeed in this endeavour. Sold.

On battery life we get a few answers too. With the help of the advanced A10 Fusion processor, they managed to add up to two hours of battery life on the iPhone 7 which is basically the same battery life as for the iPhone 6S Plus. I’m sold. The A10 looks to be a very powerful and advanced processor leaving others in the dust. Coupled with optimized software, Apple can create very efficient smartphones. Consider me quite impressed.

Dual cameras of the iPhone 7 Plus are trying to achieve what a single zoom kit is doing in en entry level DSLR. The depth-of-field mode surely will become very popular. APIs will be made available to developers so we’ll see. Meanwhile, from day one, it seems to be a great start. But, the full potential of this shinny new piece of technology is yet to come via future software updates

The non-mechanical home button is here and seems to take a few by surprise. It comes with haptic feedback both it is not concentrated on the button but the whole bottom of the device which many find it to be weird. We will have to get used to it. Just like everything else.

The two new “colours” or finishes are just fantastic… on photos. In real life, Apple devices most of the time look much better. The jet black finish is not as slippery as many thought it would be. The matte black could prove to be the more durable option though as the jet black finish is prone to microscopic scratches according to… Apple. Yep, they said it. So buy a case for this one.

Now, waiting for real product reviews in a few weeks.

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