The Apple Watch Doesn’t Have to Be a Success to Be a Success

We will benefit from the Apple Watch just because of all the efforts that went into its creation

Sales estimates. Failure predictions. Opinionated blog posts. We’ve got more than enough in recent months. For Apple, and all of us, we are already seeing the success of the Apple Watch and none of them has been sold so far. Why? Simple.

When I was young, at the height of the Space Shuttle program in the eighties, people would ask: why spend so much money on the space shuttle while there is so much areas of our society that are much more needing? The question was legitimate. My answer was to consider all the benefits we get while doing space research. We take advantage of many in our daily lives.

Back to the Apple Watch. We are already seeing the Apple Watch effect in full with the new MacBook with the Force Touch on track pads. Rumours are already saying that the next iPhone in the fall will get the same technology. And the iPad will probably get it soon too. We could argue the same with components being miniaturized that are at the center of the S1 module that goes into every Apple Watch. Next is battery power management. And I could go on with fitness tracking research. See?

The Apple Watch doesn’t have to sell a lot before we can call it a success.

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