The new MacBook Pros: Nine tough questions for Apple

Tentative answers to nine “tough” questions by Philip Elmer‑DeWitt.

At the iPhone event in September, Apple told the world that headphone jacks were dead because wireless headphones are superior – so why is there a headphone jack on the Mac?

Can we compare the mobility of an iPhone to a portable? No. the iPhone is the ultimate portable device. We hold it with one hand while walking. We use it everywhere. For this type of device, wireless headphones make a lot of sense.

Why can’t you plug the Lightning headphones that come in the iPhone box into the new Mac?

The future is wireless. The question of Lightning headphones is valid today because we are in a transition from headphone jack removable to alternatives which happens to be wireless headphones or lightning headphones. My bet is on the wireless headphones market to skyrocket.

Why doesn’t the iPhone come with the right cable for the new MacBook Pro?

These days, how many people buying an iPhone actually have a computer? Probably less and less as smartphones and tablets are more and more powerful. Use cases for fully powered computers are becoming less and less frequent. So, those who want to plug their iPhones in the new MacBook will need to buy a dongle. This is a minority.

Why doesn’t Apple make a screen that properly works with its own devices?

Euh? I don’t understand the question sir.

Why did Apple highlight how great the Touch Bar is for Messaging, but didn’t even port most of the new iMessage features to macOS properly?

Because iMessage on macOS is a second class citizen. I know it and you know it.

Do I have to carry two pairs of headphones now?


How do I charge my Lightning cable mouse?

You need a USB-C to Lightning converter dongle. Simple. You may not like it.

Why remove the HDMI port, a standard that’s still incredibly popular for plugging into TVs?

How many times do we plug our computers in a TV? I prefer to do wireless with AirPlay or Chromecast.

Why remove the SD card, a popular slot for… creatives using cameras?

Mini-USB to USB cable (creatives probably already have that one) + USB to USB-C dongle (a must). You don’t like that? How about asking for great Wifi support from Canon and Nikon so the import process is frictionless. My last experience with Wifi connectivity with my brand new Nikon D750 was brutal. Or even better, how about including a USB-C port on the camera and provide a power I/O subsystem to enable fast photo transfer to the host computer?

“The new MacBook Pros: Nine tough questions for Apple” was published by Philip Elmer‑DeWitt.

Answers by me.

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