Tumblr is dead for sure and it is sad. I used to blog there but recently I closed my account and my ten blogs that came with it. Where I don’t agree with this post is the fact that WordPress is deemed as overkill. WordPress blogs can be whatever you want them to be. But the most important thing is that you own your stuff. There is a freedom that you don’t have on Tumblr or even here on Medium. Yes it is harder to get noticed but I consider the quality of followers there higher because blogs are not pushed to others in order to maximize connections. This is really an opt-in thing when someone starts to follow your blog. Finally, I’m fully with you on focusing our online presence. I find that focusing on one platform to nourish brings more value and quality to the content. My online home is no Tumblr, nor Facebook but WordPress here ‪http://numericcitizen.me‬

Long time blogger about #apple #photography #privacy, #climatechange and some more. https://linktr.ee/numericcitizen

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